Happy Saturday! 

Yesterday, I met up with an old Washington, DC friend whose hubby is on a 6-month assignment in London.  Since she’s a fellow foodie – particularly one with a love of Middle Eastern food – I urgently needed to introduce her to my favorite market.  And did I mention they have a Lebanese food stall that sells the best falafel I’ve tasted outside of Layalina restaurant in Arlington?  Not to mention baklava that would make you weep.

The market, itself, has been in operation since the Romans settled the city and has been at or around the south end of London Bridge since the 1200s.  As with all popular things, it’s gone through changes and upgrades and improvements – but, through it all, it’s always featured some of the city’s best baked goods, cheese, fresh produce, fish and charcuterie.  And, if you’re looking for some killer sammiches or meat pies or a great hot lunch, you’re definitely spoiled for choice.  Is it all local?  No – it’s no longer that kind of market and I think it receives some unfair criticism because of that fact.  However, it features some amazing products from France, Spain, Italy and beyond and is well worth the visit.  (click on the pictures to embiggen them)