See the picture accompanying this blog post?  It was taken at 7:30 Friday morning.  Yep, as in “French Friday” Friday morning.  As in, I started my “slow roast” at about 9:30 last night.  Hey, procrastination worked for me all through school, so why stop now?

At any rate, the upshot was that I cooked them in a slightly hotter oven than the recipe recommended for slightly under two hours, then turned the oven off and left them overnight as the oven cooled.  The result?  Exactly how I wanted them!  Intensely sweet and gorgeously seasoned.

Besides the method, I slightly changed the types of tomatoes.  I know that Dorie recommended using cherry tomatoes, but last time I did that, it felt like I was left with bits of chewy, tomato-flavored leather.  There’s too much skin, not enough flesh for me to be happy with the finished result.  So, when I went to the farmer’s market on Saturday, I loaded up with medium-sized heirloom tomatoes – green stripey, yellow, red-and-yellow stripey – and cut them into sixths.

I preferred the finished product here – while they were a bit delicate and some of them slightly fell apart when I tossed them with some pasta (hellooooo lunch!), I liked that there was some concentrated flesh to create a bit of a sauce as well as the bits that stayed together for texture and visual interest.  Lastly, rather than rosemary or thyme, I used some basil that needed a home.

So, that’s my “overnight” version of Dorie’s Slow Roasted Tomatoes – something I will sooooooooo make again!!  (I think I might toss them with a little chili oil and cilantro next time for a south-of-the-border flavor!)