You wouldn’t even believe the weather we’ve been having for the last couple of weeks.  After the springtime drought, we’ve been making up for lost time.  And, I’m not talking light English garden rains … I’m talking about hard, driving American rains, with raindrops the size of dimes that pelt you mercilessly when you go outside.  We just don’t do that kind of thing here!

And, as if the rain wasn’t enough, the mercury has dropped back down to the lower 70s/upper 60s.  Summer, it seems, has left the building.

So, it really was good timing for this week’s French Friday’s dish – braised meats are gorgeous when it’s chilly and damp.  As far as the dish, itself … well … as usual, I tinkered with it a bit:

What worked:  I used the majority of the ingredients (except the potatoes), but I substituted chicken stock for water, to add a bit of savoriness.  When I served the dish, I took a few more steps down the Thai-inspired path that the recipe started us on and added fresh cilantro and lime juice.

What I wish I did:  I wish I had added a chopped chili and maybe a tablespoon of fish sauce to the dish to give it a touch of heat and continue with the Thai inspiration, creating that great balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy.

What I wish I hadn’t done:  File it under “It seemed like a good idea at the time” – I put nearly everything except the final squeeze of lime and cilantro into a crock pot and cooked it all day.  While the pork was melt-in-your mouth tender, the coconut milk curdled. 

All said, the finished dish was okay and is something I’d definitely like to play with again to see if I can continue to make the dish what I’d like for it to be.