Well, actually, it was more like Halibut en Papillote – the mister isn’t a huge fan of salmon (and, before you say it, I know!  A sister who doesn’t like rhubarb and a husband who doesn’t like salmon … I’m surrounded by freaks)

Unfortunately, this makes two weeks in a row that I’ve wound up the meal and thought, well, it was nice but I wouldn’t write home about it … except, of course, that I have to.

I mean, the fish was good – and I loved the idea of searing the tomatoes before popping them in with the fish to cook  as it really did add a lot to the flavor.  I’ll definitely be taking that little helpful hint and using it in other recipes.  But, frankly, it was just okay, not stand-up-and-salute like the Mozz/Tomato/Strawberry salad was.