I’m sitting here watching The Sons of Katie Elder as I write this – we’re towards the end of the movie where they’re having the shootout by the river.  Do you know the movie?  It has a fantastic cast – John Wayne (of course), Dean Martin – heck, even a VERY young Dennis Hopper.

It’s a decent premise – four boys come home after the death of their mother, trying to find out what happened in their absence.  Who killed their pa?  Why did their mother lose the farm?  How are they going to send their baby brother to university?  But, for some reason, the movie never seemed to gel – it tries to do too much with shootouts, a horse drive, a funeral, a posse and a really bad guy.  Oh, and let’s not forget male bonding.

For some reason, this week’s salad reminds me of the movie.  It’s got a great cast – roasted beets, onions and a lovely vinaigrette.  But, for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to gel.  Too much onion?  Maybe.  But, for some reason, I can’t figure out if it’s too much of something or not enough of something else. 

The Sons of Katie Elder is good, but not great.  In my opinion, the same goes for this salad.