This is something I’ve mentioned using in a couple of recipes, so I thought I’d include a recipe for how to make it.  It’s almost more of a craft project than an actual recipe, but here goes.

This is great if you or one of your friends have a lavender bush in the garden.  At the end of the summer, when you cut the bush back, save some of the blossoms – I set some aside to dry, put some into vases and use the rest to make lavender sugar.  You definitely want to use it fresh from the plant, though, to get as much of the oils as possible.  If you buy dried to make this recipe, it won’t be as potent.

Lavender Sugar

  • 1 large mason jar
  • square of cheesecloth and cooking string
  • sugar
  • 1/2 cup lavender flowers, petals picked off the stems

Pour the lavender petals into the cheesecloth and tie it up with the string.  Put it into the mason jar and fill it up with sugar (granulated or superfine, either would work).  Let it steep for at least a month, shaking the jar occasionally to distribute the oils.  I find that the sugar seems to reach its “maximum lavender-ness” around 6 months, then you can toss the bag.  It’s great to use in cakes or sprinkled on fruit!