It’s nice to be back!  It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done the French Fridays project.  First, it was a vacation, then it was recovery from that vacation with salads (ribs sooooo weren’t going to happen!)

And this week was the perfect week to return – roasted rhubarb … oh MY!  And tonight was the perfect night for it – it’s been a long, crazy, nutty, insanely busy week at work, so tonight was one of those “skip dinner and go straight to dessert” kind of nights.  When you’re having one of those nights, you don’t want to have to deal with creaming butter with sugar, beating a choux pastry or folding egg whites, so tossing rhubarb with sugar is the perfect solution.

Rather than use zest, I decided to use some of the lavendar sugar I have been steeping since last summer.  The scent of it and the gentle floral flavor was a nice accompaniment to the rhubarb – a lot less sharp orange or lemon, a lot more subtle.  To serve, I drizzled it with some creme anglaise … yumyumyum!!