Hi everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence this week – the mister and I took the week off.  And I mean REALLY off.  No cooking.  No writing.  No cleaning (you don’t even want to know the state of our house right now – scary). 

We spent a night in France and had an amazing five or six course seafood meal (I totally lost count) – each with its own wine (which may explain why I lost count) – in a small seaside town called Wimereaux, just north of Boulogne.  The table faced out onto the ocean and we watched the sun set over the English Channel with the white cliffs of Dover just visible in the distance. 

Later in the week, we both had our first trip to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play at the Albert Hall.  The theme that night was music from the movies, opening with a rockin’ Mission Impossible and featuring the music of Bernard Hermann, whose widow was also in the audience.  All I can say is that, if you plan to visit London, you have to include the Royal Albert Hall in your plans – it’s an unbelievable venue.

The rest of the week was spent barbecuing with friends and just having some good hanging-around time with the mister.  Even the Wondermutt had a minibreak, spending a couple of nights at Camp Mom where she always gets plenty of treats and cuddles.

All that to say, this week … well, I’m calling it “Atonement Week” – and, honey, I’m not talking about the movie.  After loads of good food and lovely wine and more than a couple of desserts, it’s time to slow this wagon train down and get back on the straight and narrow. 

So, this week is going to be salad week.  But, salads don’t have to be limited to just boring lettuce and tomatoes and they certainly don’t have to be relegated to the noon hour!  I hope you find some great ideas with Carribean Chicken Salad, Greek-inspired Calamari Salad, Panzanella, Salmon and Avocado Salad and a totally yummy Pea and Mozzarella Bruschetta.