This was one of the most gorgeous days we’ve had in a week.  And it’s one of my last days off before I officially start my job, so I really enjoyed spending the waning bit of free weekday time in the kitchen.  In some ways, I wished that we had a more complicated dish so that I could take advantage of the free time; however, given how sunny and bright the day was, I ended up spending time in the garden setting up climbing trellisses for my French beans,  so a sling-it-together dish was perfectly timed.

And this was definitely a great, easy-peasy dish!  I was sooooo close to making it as written, but I couldn’t help myself – I had to faff with it. 

So I sauteed the onion, added the cardamom and cooked the rice as directed … but, upon tasting, I realized it needed a little extra, so I added about 1/4 cup sliced almonds for some crunch and about the same amount of chopped cilantro.  I think next time, I’ll use chopped pistachios, but it seemed to make all the difference in the taste of the dish.

Plus, I served it with one of my favorite chicken dishes, a spatchcocked chicken glazed with a honey/lemon/cinnamon/ginger glaze.  The juices from that seemed to complement the rice perfectly.  Obviously, this would also go as well with an Indian curry as it does a Lebanese-inspired roast chicken.