I have to admit to a particular bias when it comes to quiche – I relegate them to bridal and baby showers.  I am of an age when quiche became QUITE the fashionable thing to have whenever a gaggle of women came over to play silly games and oooh and aaaah over layette gifts.  It’s not like I held that against quiche, it’s just that the dish always seemed very dated, very of a certain time and place.

And that’s just culinarily tragic!

So, this week’s assignment of spinach and bacon quiche was just the thing to remind me what a great dish quiche is.  I made it for lunch with my MIL and, for the first time in a few weeks, made the recipe exactly as written.  All I can say is YUM-O-LICIOUS!  We let it cool to room temperature and it was absolutely sublime.  The pie crust was perfectly flaky, the filling was luscious without being too rich.