This morning, sometime around 6:00 or so, it decided to rain.  FINALLY.  And, according to the Beeb, it’s going to pick up again overnight and into tomorrow morning.  HOORAY!!  We’ve had one of the driest springs since I moved here in 2006 which is great for commuting to work but not so great for the garden.

When it comes to gardening, it’s not something I have a long history with.  I remember a couple of summers as a kid when my parents decided to grow tomatoes, but that was about the extent of it.  There was no digging around in a plot, planting potatoes and onions and such, no tending a compost heap, and definitely no looking through seed catalogs.

But one thing I did remember was how delicious the tomatoes were when you ate them fresh off the vine, still hot from the summer sun.  Sliced between two pieces of bread, slathered with mayonnaise – no wasting time with lettuce and bacon – there was nothing better. 

So, when the mister and I bought our place with its tiny back garden, we built two 8′-long raised beds so that I could plant my tomatoes.  This year I’m planting my fourth veg patch.  Each year, I plant a wildcard – something new and different.  Last year’s wildcard was eggplant, which went so well, it’s back again.  This year, I’m trying fennel, which means the lineup this year consists of:  5 different types of tomatoes, 2 different types of eggplant, french beans, Swiss chard, 2 types of chillies and the fennel. 

Tomatoes, Fennel and Eggplant

With the promise of rain, I put most of it in the ground today, so will post periodically to let you know how they’re progressing.  I think that anyone who really likes food and likes to cook should try to raise their own veg.  Even if all you have is a little patio outside your apartment, grab a couple of pots and give it a go!

Green Beans and Swiss Chard