When asked what he thought about Western civilization, Mahatma Ghandi replied, “I think it would be a good idea.”

Almost five years ago, I moved to the UK with my husband and, while the Brits do many things right, there are still some areas in which there is room for improvement.  For the most part, they do a great job with Easter – for instance, we get a full four-day weekend for the holiday.  However, they don’t really do Easter baskets with loads of plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and other treats.  Instead, you give each other a large chocolate egg that’s filled with other smaller chocolates or toys. 

And they don’t do Peeps.

No Peeps.


I know what you’re thinking – “My god, Red!  What kind of country IS this???  They call themselves civilized?!  They call themselves leaders of the free world and they don’t sell marshmellowy Peep goodness at Easter??!!”  I know.  It’s a travesty.

That’s where my sister comes in.  My fabulous big sister.  The big sister who has always spoiled me more rotten than I could ever deserve.  And, most importantly, the big sister who, every year like clockwork, sends me a big box crammed full of Peeps – both chicks and bunnies – in all their day-glo deliciousness.  And, considering we’re talking about an international shipment, that means that she’s paying more to mail it than the Peeps cost, themselves.  Now, THAT’S a great sister!

So, what can you do with Peeps?  Obviously, you can eat them straight out of the box.  You can do what another Peep afficionado I know likes to do and open the packet to let them go slightly stale before snarfling them up.  I highly recommend Peeps with their sugar coating for Peep S’Mores, an Easter take on a campfire favorite.  Or, you could use them to make delicious dioramas.

So, they may not be the best Easter candy on the shelf.  They’re definitely not the most expensive.  And, heck, they come in colors not normally found in nature, much less food.  But they’re still my favorite Easter candy.  What’s yours?