Okay, I admit it.  I read the title of this recipe and my first thought was “ick.”  I love scallops.  I love caramel.  I love orange.  But, the the thought of mixing the three really didn’t appeal.  Plus, while I love a nice juicy orange, I rarely like it cooked.

But, if there is one thing I’ve learned in the French Friday project, it’s to give recipes a chance – particularly those that I would skip past.

So, last weekend, I treated the mister to a nice seafood dinner that was also a treat for me, since it was so quick and easy to prepare.  I decided to pull out the wok and make quick work of it all – while the caramel-orange sauce was reducing, I did a super-fast stir-fry of some bok choy in garlic oil, then set them aside while I did the scallops.  Cooking the scallops in the wok helped me to give them a gorgeous finish on the outside without overcooking them to the point they taste like a pencil eraser.

This is definitel one of my favorites – quick – easy – delicious – what’s not to like?  Definitely a make-again!