Okay, I’ll admit it.  When I read over this week’s recipe, I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of “meh.”  Flour, sugar, butter, salt … yeah-yeah-yeah … but where’s the flavor??  I knew I was going to be nutty-crazy-insanely busy at work this week, so, for the first time since starting this project back in October, I actually thought about giving the week a miss.

Boy-howdy, am I glad I didn’t. 

This is like a giant sugar cookie for grown-ups.  The gently sweet flavor is given a sense of swank with the addition of a light sprinkling of salt.  And how fantastic is it that you bake it in a giant slab and let people break off a piece?!  I’m looking forward to summer fruit coming into season – I’d totally serve this surrounded by fresh strawbabies, rasbabies and plums … maybe even a little ice cream on the side. 

I admit to cheating, though, when it came to scoring the top – I used my baking rack to score it one way, then turned it 45-degrees to score it the other way.  If I had to use a fork to score this, I’d lose interest.  Oh, and one more thing – after I brushed with egg wash, I did add a light sprinkling of finely ground sea salt before baking.

Anyway, these are DEFINITELY going into the make-again file!  Way to go, Dorie!