Yes, the forsythia are out … Yes, the crocuses are blooming … I know the daffs are about to bloom into such a profusion, I might just be compelled to stand in the middle of Trafalgar Square and spout Wordsworth poems …  

… unfortunately, no one has told the thermometer, which is still hovering around 40.  And, as if that’s not bad enough, the green grocers are still chock-full of root vegetables … not an asparagus stalk or fresh pea in sight.

So, I had a rummage around through my pics and thought I’d share this with you in the hopes that it gives you as much cheer as it does me.  I took this in Venice during the heat of August a couple of years ago … just look at the sun and the gorgeous colors of the vegetables!!  Those tomatoes!  And eggplant!  and – oh, my – zucchini with blossoms attached!!

Hurry up, summer!!!