As I write this, the sun is shining outside, the crocuses are blossoming and the daff shoots are up.  Oh, I’ve got a bad case of spring fever today – and this happens every year.  My craving for spring – for short-sleeve tops, for sandals, for peas and asparagus – always precedes actual spring by about a month.  So, when I’m in the mood for the first crunchy taste of spring veg, the weather and seasonal growing cycle need a few weeks to catch up.  I’m wanting fresh minted pea soup but the stores are still selling root veg – not to mention, the temperatures still scream stew rather than salad.  But, soon it will be spring … not long now …

  • Sunday:  Vegetable soup with barley, sammiches
  • Monday:  Cheddar and pasta frittata
  • Tuesday:  Chinese chicken casserole
  • Wednesday:  Leftovers
  • Thursday:  Chicken and spinach curry
  • Friday:  Spicy chicken breasts