The timing of this week’s French Friday with Dorie recipe couldn’t have been better.  There’s something about ribs that makes me think of summer – when we were kids, we’d spend weekends at the pool followed by dad barbecuing ribs on the grill.  Now, granted, his ribs had more in common with jerky than any kind of juicy, succulent meat, but those summers were magical. 

Fast forward to this week.  I was out walking the Wondermutt and what to my wondering eye did appear?  The first sighting of crocuses this season!  Add to that a couple of days in the 50s and the result is a serious case of spring fever.  So, last night, to conjure up a sense of summer, I baked some focaccia, made some potato salad and chopped up some cherry tomatoes — the only thing that was missing was corn on the cob.

At any rate, I made a few alterations to the dish both by necessity and by choice.  By necessity, I needed to use pork ribs since the concept of beef short ribs seemed to totally kerfuffle the Brits.  No grocery – not even my local butcher – had even the slightest idea what beef short ribs were.  I did see some beautiful prime rib roasts, though, that left me salivating. 

Then, by choice, I made the decision to cook them in my crock pot rather than faff around with the oven for a couple of hours.  I admit, it was partly due to the epic length of the directions (they do go on and on).  But, the other reason was because I was teaching a friend how to bake bread, so wanted to make sure the oven was free.  Lastly, I confess, I had visions of dad’s burlap-textured ribs dancing in my head and wanted to avoid that.

So, I broiled the ribs and made the wine and port broth as directed, but then cut them up into groups of three and put the lot into the crock pot on low for 8 hours.  The meat was tender to the point of falling off the bone, juicy and sooooo delicious!  This is definitely going to be in the “make again” file – next time, to be served with corn on the cob from my local green grocer!

pile o' meat!

ps – can’t wait to shred the leftovers and enjoy them in a sandwich on Sunday!