I’ll start this week’s French Friday entry with a confession – I didn’t hold out much hope for this recipe.  While I love almonds …and I love oranges … and I even like tarts, to me, the idea of baking oranges into a tart with an almond cream just didn’t feel right.  So, yes, I admit it, I kept my expectations low.

And I was so glad to be proven wrong!  The end result was absolutely lovely – and it was the citrus that kept it light and refreshing rather than heavy.  Now, I’m looking forward to revisiting the recipe this summer when the plums are in season – I think they will be a stunning substitute.

My only issue was with the crust.  I followed the recipe for her sweet pastry dough to the letter with one exception – I don’t have a food processor, so maybe that makes the difference (I used my standing mixer, instead).  Whatever the reason, my dough didn’t come together as it should have, so I added a few drops of water.  While the crust tasted fine, it was a bit tougher than a tart crust should be, so I’ll definitely be revisiting that and working on it.

Either way, the finished product was a pretty to look at as it was delicious to eat.

Well done, Dorie!