Welcome to the “getting-this-done-EARLY-for-once” edition of French Fridays!  As you know, we’re going through Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table” one recipe at a time and reviewing the dish, but not posting the recipe.  I will say this, though – I highly recommend this book!  With a couple of exceptions, everything I’ve made has been not just good but outstanding.

And this week is no exception … in fact, I have just one word for this week’s dish …


As in, ohmygod, this is so good, I’ve already gone back for seconds … twice.  I’d go back again, but I have no room.  To say this is more-ish does a disservice to the term.

I did make a couple of small tweaks to the recipe, but nothing huge.  I decided to use lovely little Charlotte new potatoes and boiled them ahead of time to make sure they were done through.  I just like them more than floury potatoes – they hold their shape and seem to work with this dish.  The other change was that I used about 3/4 of a teaspoon of paprika instead of cayenne.  I really wasn’t in the mood for heat but I thought a nice smokey flavor would work … and boy-howdy did it!

Served with a nice salad on the side, it made a really easy-peasy meat-free mid-week meal. 

puffy and golden and oh-so-yummy