I woke up this morning thinking that all I’d have to do is draft my blog post about our menu for the week – not that I’d actually have to finish the darned thing.  But, of course, when I looked, only half of it was done, so I had to sit down and actually think about food I’d like to cook and eat. 

Now, normally, that’s not a problem – it’s actually kind of nice to go through my cookbooks or magazines or my favorite blogs to find the dishes I want to try.  However, last night the mister and I went out with our neighbors to the White Hart for dinner and I’m still feeling stuffed to the gills this morning.  The meal was outstanding (especially the venison and red wine casserole with horseradish dumplings!), but, ohmy, having to think about food this morning has been a bit challenging.

At any rate, as I’ve mentioned in the past couple of days, I’m going to start featuring both make-ahead meals that you can reheat as well as crock-pot dinners that you can cook while you’re at work (the mister is breaking in the crock pot today with a chicken balti!).  Let me know what you think!

  • Monday:  Spicy chicken tacos
  • Tuesday:  Make-ahead Chicken, Tarragon and Barley Casserole
  • Wednesday:  Slow-cooker Southwest Pulled Brisket with slaw
  • Thursday:  Slow-cooker Chicken, Bacon and Leeks Casserole
  • Friday:  French Friday Basque Potato Tortilla with mixed green salad topped with warm bacon dressing
  • Saturday:  Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni
  • Sunday:  Celeriac soup and sammiches