Welcome to the “it’s-still-Friday-left-of-the-Mississippi” edition.  (quick recap for new visitors to Red’s Kitchen Diaries, French Fridays is a group of loads of food bloggers going through Dorie Greenspan’s new cookbook, “Around my French Table,” cooking a recipe each week, sharing our thoughts about the featured dish but not the recipe).

Anyway, this week was chicken b’stilla, the Moroccan take on chicken pie.  While this is definitely not a midweek meal kind of dish (marinade an hour, simmer an hour, etc), it is outrageously good!  Actually, I was thinking this would make an ideal brunch dish – make the pie filling the day before so that all you have to do is assemble it the morning of your brunch and time it so that you’re just pulling it out of the oven as your guests arrive.  Serve it warm instead of hot with a mixed green salad tossed with almonds (to echo the almonds in the b’stilla pie) and you’d be onto a winner!

The thing I loved about this pie is that it’s made with filo dough, something I don’t use as often as I would like.  Yeah, it’s a little fiddly, but the end result is a pie crust that doesn’t need to be rolled and chilled but which still comes out flaky and tender.  The only thing is that, next time, I probably won’t do the cinnamon-sugar topping – neither I nor the mister were a big fan of that. 

tender, flaky gorgeousness!!