A couple of weeks ago, I confessed that chocolate desserts aren’t always my favorite.  I find that they are usually either so chocolate-y that they make your teeth hurt or that, like chocolate ice cream, they say that they’re chocolate but they don’t taste like chocolate.  At any rate, because of my admitted preconceptions, I went into this week’s recipe thinking “oh, well, if I don’t like it, I’ll give it to my mother- or sister-in-law.”

Ummm … no.  They’re not getting a thing.  This recipe is outstanding! 

I usually don’t read the weekly problems & questions column in the days before the weekly challenge, but I happened to take a glance at it this week — and I’m glad I did.  Everyone seemed to say that their mousse leaked out from the bottom of the springform pan, so I was glad to get that heads-up.  I decided to add another layer of chocolate-y goodness to the dessert by lining the bottom with a cookie-crumb crust – specifically, a Bourbon biscuit crust.

If you’re not in the UK, Bourbon biscuits aren’t made with bourbon but named after the House of Bourbon – so they’re not pronounced BURR-bun, rather BORE-bon.  And they are lovely – they’re a chocolate cookie with a chocolate cream filling that tastes more like mocha and are miles … no, HUNDREDS of miles … better than an Oreo.  YMMV.

At any rate, I crunched up a packet of Bourbon biscuits and made a crust with them similar to a graham cracker crust – and it worked!!  No leakage!  Plus, it gave the cake an additional texture – crunchy + dense chocolate mousse cake + light mousse topping!  I followed Dorie’s recommendation and served the cake chilled and you could really feel and taste the different layers.

The only problem I had was that I didn’t pour enough mousse in for it to create the crater for the second layer of chilled mousse (possibly due absorption into the cookie layer).  So, next time, I’ll cook half rather than a third so that I can have a thicker layer of flourless-chocolate-cake-goodness at the bottom.

And, you bet your bippy there will definitely be a next time!

this is the kind of mousse hunt I can support 100%