What can I say – Friday’s trip to the market inspired me!  I’m going to try cooking squid for the first time this week, making an extra trip to the market on Friday so that they’re nice and fresh (I’ve heard you can get frozen squid which should also work).  With the rain scheduled to return on Monday or Tuesday, I’m planning a nice bit of Mediterranean and Provencal warmth to brighten the week then I’m crossing the Atlantic for some Tex-Mex on Thursday.  Sometimes, if you don’t have warm weather outside your window, you have to create it inside your kitchen!

  • Monday:  Pasta puttanesca with garlic bread and salad
  • Tuesday:  Chicken with puy lentils
  • Wednesday:  Trout fillets in herb sauce with white bean puree and leeks
  • Thursday:  Chicken quesadillas with avocado salsa
  • Friday:  Salt and pepper squid with bok choy
  • Saturday:  Coq au cidre et champignons
  • Sunday:  Roasted tomato and pepper soup with Welsh rarebit