Ah, the first French Fridays of the new year – and we’re starting it right with such a fantastic recipe! 

I made Dorie’s Paris Mushroom Soup for lunch on a cold Thursday – a day when the weather was trying to figure out whether it wanted to rain or snow, when the skies were heavy and gray and when the prospect of staying under the blankets sounded like a FAR better idea than being a productive member of society.

The thing that I really liked about the recipe is that it tastes like it has a heavy, unhealthy cream base even though it doesn’t.  In fact, it’s actually pretty darned low-fat (especially if you substitute olive oil for the butter).  I was tempted to throw some dried porcinis in there to sex it up a bit, but, as it turns out, I was bereft of them and the recipe doesn’t need it, anyway.  Well done, Dorie!!  I’ll still add them for a little extra sumthin’ next time I make it … which will be soon.

Oh, the only other thing – I fished the rosemary out at the 10-minute mark as it was starting to overpower rest of the soup.  Next time, I think I’ll substitute a few sprigs of thyme.

Otherwise, seriously good – definitely a “make again” recipe.

sorry, no finished product picture as the soup is a rather unphotogenic dark greige