Cooking!  Cleaning!  Baking!  Wrapping!  Now is that final stretch before the big weekend where we’re all going a bit nutty trying to get everything done.  But it’s also that final bit of anticipation of all the Christmas morning excitement that makes it worth the little bit of crazy you have to go through this week!

  • Sunday – Roast chicken with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, runner beans, cauliflower.  Cookie:  Lime shortbread
  • Monday – Kedgeree.  Cookie:  Orange and cardamom
  • Tuesday – Chipotle chicken, rice, tortillas, avocado salsa.  Cookie:  Martha’s chewy chocolate gingerbread
  • Wednesday – Leftovers.  Cookie:  this year’s new addition is Smitten Kitchen’s Buckeyes (okay, I know, it’s not really a cookie – but they will be the perfect addition to my gift basket!)
  • Thursday – Stir-fry pork, mushrooms and mint.  Cookie:  Maple
  • Friday – Christmas eve!  Pre-cooking the Christmas day veg, baking dinner rolls, making the ice cream and creme anglaise to go with the Christmas cake and pudding.   Cookie:  Cappucino-Chocolate sammiches