Oh, yeah … there’s a new cookie in town … and it has a weird name. 

Having said that, though, that’s the ONLY negative thing I have to say about these gorgeous, spicy, buttery treats!*  Talk about the perfect holiday cookie – you can keep your gingerbread, these are so addictive, you’ll want to break out in song!  You’ll even have a hard time staying out of the batter!  In fact, to keep myself from brewing a huge pot of tea and just getting my cookie on, I had to package them for the mister to take to work.  Which he did.  He said his team swarmed on them like a hoard of locusts and they were gone in minutes.

They’re just.  that.  good.

*  Okay, so the only other niggle I had about the cookies is that the dough is so soft, they don’t hold their shape when you bake them.  So, when it comes time to make them for Christmas treats – and I will definitely be making them for Christmas treats – I’ll probably substitute margarine for most of the butter and pop them in the freezer for a few minutes after I cut them out and before I put them in the oven.

Well done, Dorie!!!

Santa would leave you an extra-full stocking if you left him these with his glass of port ...