If the word “synergy” refers to something which is greater than the sum of its parts, what is the word for something which is less?  Because, like “Ishtar”, this dish had an all-star cast and had the potential for great things … but, MAN, talk about a screaming disappointment.  I mean, it has gorgonzola in it, fercryingoutloud, and it still got a whopping “meh” rating from my tastebuds.

Was it because it had too much egg?  not enough seasoning?  It tasted like a combination of that – like it wanted to be really savory but wasn’t.  And it wasn’t a great sweet and savory flavor combo, either.  All I can say is that my first thought was “wow, this would be great with some crumbled bacon mixed in.”  Now, while I know that there is a camp that believes that EVERYthing is better with bacon, this wasn’t a case of a nice-to-have … this was a need-to-have, because without it, it was just so much bland pumpkin.

Oh, and while I’m overhauling, I’d substitute pecans for the walnuts.

Either way, though, I don’t think this is going to be a “make again” no matter what I substitute.

looks pretty - but that's as good as it gets