If 2 weeks ago was the Procrastination Edition, this week’s installment of French Fridays (now brought to you on Sunday!) is the “No Intertubes for 4 Days” Edition …

Seriously.  Four days.  Four DAYS.  No internet.  I don’t know how I lasted.

Anyway, this week was Dorie’s fabulous Potatoes Gratin (which also rolls under the alias Potatoes Dauphinoise) and it was another fabulous dish!  The subtle hint of garlic added that extra bit of loveliness to a dish which is basically just potatoes and cream.  In an effort to reduce the fat content, I used reduced fat creme fraiche thinned a bit with some skimmed milk – you get the thickness of heavy cream without feeling your arterial walls close in on you. 

Plus, I have to say, this dish is outstanding for breakfast – reheat it and serve with some scrambled eggs – a posh person’s alternative to hash browns!

(If you can’t do without mashed potatoes at your Thanksgiving table, you might want to give Potatoes Gratin a go for your Christmas dinner!)

cheesy creamy potatoey goodness