Well, before I got into my review, for anyone who may be new to the site, I and loads of other food bloggers (floggers?) are going through Dorie Greenspan’s book, “Around My French Table” and doing a new recipe every week.  Because we are doing the entire book, we agree not to publish the recipes, but we do write up our review of the dish and any tweaks we make.  I hope it inspires you to, if not buy the book, then at least take a new look through the cookbooks you may already have to see if there’s something you’d like to try!

So … can I just say that there is no better name for a dish than Lazy Man’s (fill-in-the-blank) … the fact that it’s Lazy Man’s Roast CHICKEN … well, that just makes it this side of perfect.  The secret to this dish is placing thick slices of baguette bread under your chicken like a trivet – when I first read that in the recipe, I thought the bread would turn out greasy and knackered, but it was a gorgeous side to the finished dish (the mister gobbled his pieces up so fast, I don’t even think they touched the sides going down!).  I did make a little white wine-based gravy to go with it (you can’t have a roast dinner without GRAVY, fercryingoutloud!  it’s things like that that lead to the collapse of society!) and that seemed to bring the dish together.  I think without it, it would have been nice, but not finished.

I think next time I cook this dish … and there WILL be a next time … I’ll probably reduce the heat a bit (the crown of my chicken was a bit on the dry side) and pop the veg in a little earlier to compensate for the lower temp.  Oh, I doubled the amount of veg – this cries out for  abundance, not parsimony.

It may be chicken for the lazy man, but it tastes like you slaved over it!  Definitely a great “go to” dish.

"Lazy" or not, it is a perfect roast dinner