French Fridays … the Saturday edition … otherwise known as the Procrastinator’s Edition …

So, last week was the apple cake that was so good, I made it 3 times in a week.  This week … I’m not quite sold.  I think that anyone who likes rice pudding will love this recipe – it has the same basic concept at heart.  And that’s probably where it lost me – I’ve never been a big fan of rice pudding. 

Instead of using rice to give the dish body, you use semolina (ground durum wheat) which becomes thick like a porridge and then you bake it until set.   Which was the second problem I had.  The recipe called for a baking time of 25-35 minutes.  At 40 minutes, my cake still had the wibble-wobbles.  The knife came out clean at 45 minutes, but the verrrrry center still stuck and required a little first aid getting it out of the cake pan.

Lastly, I didn’t really dig the addition of lemon juice to the caramel – it gave it a sharpness which was almost tinny compared to the creaminess of the rest of the cake.

Like another reader suggested, I soaked my raisins in hot rum before adding to the cake – stellar idea!  For some reason, I get the feeling that dried cranberries might make a nice substitution, as well.

If last week was “I laughed, I cried, I liked it more than Cats“, this week was “I give it a 65 because I just can’t dance to it”. 

Your mileage may vary.

Semolina cake - if you like rice pudding, give it a try